Pork Steak Shogayaki Recipe

Let’s make the Shogayaki using a pork loin steak. The combination of the fruity sauce and the pork is very delicious. Enjoy the big steak and beat the hot summer heat!

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Scotch Eggs (Japanese-inspired Recipe)

Let’s make hearty Japanese-style Scotch Eggs, in which half boiled eggs are wrapped in ground meat, breaded and deep-fried. The combination of the crispy outside and the gooey inside is so delicious. These are great for Christmas dinner. You should definitely try it out.

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Salmon Yakizuke Recipe

Let’s cook easily available frozen salmon to make Yakizuke, in which the main ingredient is grilled first and then marinated. This is a local dish in Niigata Prefecture and it was originally made at home to preserve fresh salmon which are caught in that area.

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  • Saumon, légumes gril
  • Salmon yakizuke and
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