Chicken Soboro Onigirazu Recipe (Onigiri with Tori Soboro and Iri Tamago)

This Onigirazu with Tori Soboro (sauteed ground chicken) and Iri Tamago (finely scrambled egg) is visually appealing and the savory teriyaki flavor goes great with the rice. Tori soboro and iri tamago can also be used as fillings for Onigiri rice balls or toppings for a donburi rice bowl.

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Cheese in Hamburg Recipe

This Hamburg Steak is filled with melting cheese and topped with demi-glace sauce! The cheese goes great with the sauce. Delicious!

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Hamburg Steak Recipe

Hamburg Steak is popular among whole generations in Japan. The perfectly cooked hamburg steak is especially juicy and tasty!

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Omurice Recipe

Let’s make Omurice with the tasty tomato sauce. The fluffy omelette goes great with the chicken rice! The ingredients for omurice should be easy to find in your area so you should definitely try it out.

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Hiyashi Chuka (Summer Noodles Recipe)

Hiyashi Chuka is a refreshing noodle recipe with lots of vegetables. A small amount of karashi hot mustard will bring out the flavor of the lemon soy sauce. You can also arrange the toppings to your taste.

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Okonomiyaki Recipe

Enjoy the delicious Okonomiyaki with the harmony of vegetables, seafood, pork belly and the various toppings!

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