Taco Salad (Spicy Salsa and Taco Meat Recipe)

This spicy Taco Salad goes great with cold beer especially on hot days. I’m always thinking about making tacos when green chili peppers are in season so will also make tacos sometime soon!

Hiyashi Chuka (Summer Noodles Recipe)

Hiyashi Chuka is a refreshing noodle recipe with lots of vegetables. A small amount of karashi hot mustard will bring out the flavor of the lemon soy sauce. You can also arrange the toppings to your taste.

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Mango Pudding Recipe

This is an exquisite Mango Pudding using a ripe mango. We adore this rich and aromatic mango pudding!

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  • mango pudding
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Banana Bread Recipe

This luscious and aromatic Banana Bread with a fully ripe banana is best served when still warm. Baking makes the banana more aromatic!

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