Ryukyu Recipe (3 Ways to Enjoy Marinated Sashimi)

Ryukyu is a local Sashimi dish in Oita Prefecture. Just pouring hot water over the Ryukyu rice bowl also turns it into a quick and easy Ochazuke. You will be addicted once you have tasted this delicious dish!

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Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette Recipe)

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelette that makes a great addition to a bento or for a breakfast side dish. The mitsuba parsley is visually appealing. This is an easy and delicious recipe so you should definitely try it out.

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Pressed Sushi with Seared Marinated Mackerel (Shime Saba Oshizushi Recipe)

The Oshizushi with moderately fatty marinated mackerel is so delicious! Instead of using a special oshizushi mold, we are substituting a bento lunch box.

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