Almond Cookies Recipe

Let’s make delicious crispy Almond Cookies with lots of almonds and butter. The butter and almond flavors blend perfectly together!

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Milk Gelato Recipe (Homemade Italian Ice Cream Using Lots of Fresh Milk)

This Gelato using lots of fresh milk is simple but you can enjoy the original taste of delicious milk! There are no additives in this homemade milk gelato.

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French Toast (Japanese-inspired Recipe)

This Japanese-inspired French Toast is topped with nutritious Kinako, roasted soybean flour and lots of Okinawan Kuromitsu, black sugar syrup. The combination of the crispy outside and the gooey inside makes the French toast very delicious.

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  • “Homemade French toa
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  • French toast topped

Banana Bread Recipe

This luscious and aromatic Banana Bread with a fully ripe banana is best served when still warm. Baking makes the banana more aromatic!

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