Pork Steak Shogayaki Recipe

Let’s make the using a pork loin steak. The combination of the fruity sauce and the pork is very delicious. Enjoy the big steak and beat the hot summer heat!

Chicken Curry Recipe

Let’s make the spicy and delicious ! This is a recipe you can’t resist and it is worth spending the time to make it.

Iri Dofu (Scrambled Tofu Recipe)

Iri-Dofu is a quick and easy scrambled tofu dish using easily available ingredients. The light and smooth texture makes the dish more delicious. Everybody will love the taste!

Mango Pudding Recipe

This is an exquisite using a ripe mango. We adore this rich and aromatic mango pudding!

Mapo Tofu Recipe

is a Chinese dish but it is also very popular in Japan. The dish goes great with steamed rice!

Soft-Cooked Omurice Recipe

Let’s make Soft-Cooked where the top is covered with the egg instead of being wrapped completely. The combination of the soft-cooked egg and the thoroughly stir-fried rice is very delicious!

Coffee Jelly (Coffee Jello Recipe)

using fresh coffee is especially tasty and it is a perfect summertime sweet. This is a great recipe for staying cool in summer.