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Gunkan Maki Sushi Recipe (5 Types of Colorful Battleship Sushi)

We are making 5 kinds of colorful Gunkanmaki, a type of hand-formed sushi that has a strip of nori seaweed…

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Chirashi Sushi Recipe (Hinamatsuri Chirashizushi | Mixed Sushi Rice with Beautiful Toppings)

We are making Chirashizushi since Hinamatsuri, Girls' Day on March 3rd is approaching. This is visually appealing and also delicious.…

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Sushi Ginger Recipe (Pickled Young Ginger Root with Sweet Vinegar Sauce)

We are making Sushi Ginger, which is an essential condiment for sushi, yakisoba or okonomiyaki. This will refresh your taste…

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Futomaki Sushi and California Roll Recipe (Thick Rolled Sushi Futomakizushi)

We are making Maki Sushi, which my mother used to make for my field trips. Master the art of rolling…

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Nigiri Sushi Recipe (Nigirizushi)

In many years, we’ve made many kinds of sushi but one type we haven’t tried is the most popular, Nigiri…

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Inari Sushi and Fukusa Sushi Recipe (Fried Tofu Pouches Filled with Sushi Rice and Omelette Wrapped Sushi) | Inarizushi and Fukusazushi

Inarizushi is fried tofu pouches filled with sushi rice. The tender and juicy tofu pouches with the dashi stock have…