Easy Baked Salmon Recipe

Enjoy this easy baked in foil using a toaster oven. The tender salmon fillet with lots of mushrooms is exceptionally delicious!

Hiyashi Tantanmen Recipe (Cold Dandan Noodles/Tantan Ramen)

During hot weather, wouldn’t you like to enjoy spicy food? We are making spicy and refreshing Hiyashi noodles. The noodles hold the rich and thick sauce very well. This is spicy but you’ll be addicted to the delicious flavor.

Chicken Soboro Onigirazu Recipe (Onigiri with Tori Soboro and Iri Tamago)

This with Tori Soboro (sauteed ground chicken) and Iri Tamago (finely scrambled egg) is visually appealing and the savory teriyaki flavor goes great with the rice. Tori soboro and iri tamago can also be used as fillings for Onigiri rice balls or toppings for a donburi rice bowl.

Spaghetti Napolitan Recipe (Japanese-style Pasta)

When I was a child, pasta was the only spaghetti that was available at local restaurants. This dish is very special for me since it reminds me of my childhood. This is a unique kind of spaghetti served in Japan. Delicious!

Nigiri Sushi Recipe (Nigirizushi)

In many years, we’ve made many kinds of sushi but one type we haven’t tried is the most popular, ! Finally, the time has come!