Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Recipe

Hiroshima with yakisoba noodles is distinguished by its thin crepe-like batter and thick layers of toppings.

Scotch Eggs (Japanese-inspired Recipe)

Let’s make hearty Japanese-style , in which half boiled eggs are wrapped in ground meat, breaded and deep-fried. The combination of the crispy outside and the gooey inside is so delicious. These are great for Christmas dinner. You should definitely try it out.

French Toast (Japanese-inspired Recipe)

This Japanese-inspired is topped with nutritious Kinako, roasted soybean flour and lots of Okinawan Kuromitsu, black sugar syrup. The combination of the crispy outside and the gooey inside makes the French toast very delicious.

Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Tofu Recipe)

is a simple and delicious side dish. The outside has a soft and gooey texture and the tasty broth makes it impossible for anyone to resist it. This is especially popular among Izakaya-style restaurants.

Chicken Nanban Recipe

Chicken Nanban is a local specialty in Miyazaki Prefecture. The nanban sauce goes great with the tartar sauce. The meat is tender and juicy. Everyone likes the sweet and sour flavor.

Madeleines Recipe (Small French Cake)

The fresh have a crispy outside and moist inside and the rich aroma of the butter makes them one of the most exquisite desserts.

Kitsune Udon Noodles Recipe

The broth of Kitsune is amazingly delicious! Kitsune refers to simmered, sweetened aburaage, thin deep-fried tofu. To make this, please watch our Inarizushi video.