• Noodle Recipes

Chicken Pho Recipe (Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup with Japanese-inspired Chicken Broth)

We are making Pho, a much-beloved Vietnamese soup. Using chicken wings and aromatic vegetables, we'll make a delicious soup quickly…

  • Rice Recipes

Sanma Takikomi Gohan Recipe (Mixed Rice with Grilled Pacific Saury and Mushrooms)

We are making Takikomi Gohan with sanma, pacific saury, in season. This is one of the autumn flavors that represent…

  • Soup Recipes

Easy Miso Soup Recipe (Simple Miso Soup with Tofu and Wakame Seaweed)

We are introducing a simple Miso Soup recipe that even people living alone can easily make. How about making this…

  • Tofu Recipes

Goma Dofu Recipe (Refreshing Sesame Tofu with Real Kuzu Starch)

We are making Goma Dofu, sesame tofu made from real kuzu starch and sesame paste. The combination of the sesame…

  • Seafood Recipes

Octopus Scallion Karashi Sumisoae Recipe (Seafood and Vegetables Marinated in Vinegar and Miso)

We are making Octopus Scallion Karashi Sumisoae, in which the ingredients are marinated in the mixture of Japanese mustard, vinegar…

  • Vegetable Recipes

Tofu Salad with Garlic Dressing Recipe (Delicious and Nutritious Salad with Seasonal Vegetables)

We are making Tofu Salad with delicious garlic dressing. Lightly break the tofu to mix with the vegetables and enjoy…

  • Cheesecake Recipes

Dark Cherry Cheesecake Recipe in Spain’s Basque-style (Not-Burnt)

We're going to make an adaptation of the cheesecake from the Basque region of Spain. We really like the taste…

  • Fish Recipes

Homemade Chikuwa Recipe (Roasted Tube-Shaped Fish Surimi with Sea Bream and Pacific Cod)

We are making roasted Chikuwa, a tube-shaped fish cake, using sea bream and pacific cod. The fresh Chikuwa really captures…

  • Fish Recipes

Karei no Nitsuke Recipe (Tender and Delicious Flatfish Simmered in Broth)

We are making an all-time favorite, Karei no Nitsuke, a simmered fish recipe. In this cooking method, you can also…

  • Seafood Recipes

Tako-meshi Recipe (Easy Octopus Mixed Rice)

We are making delicious mixed rice using sashimi-grade boiled octopus. The savory taste of the octopus absorbed in the steamed…