Uji Milk Kintoki Recipe (Japanese Shaved Ice with Green Tea and Sweet Bean Paste | Matcha Kakigori)

When it comes to Kakigori, Uji Milk Kintoki is my favorite type of shaved ice! The combination of matcha and condensed milk is great! You should definitely try it out.

Uji Milk Kintoki (Japanese Green Tea Shaved Ice Kakigori)

Course Dessert
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 2 people
Cook Time 10 minutes Time for making ice block and chilling matcha syrup is not included in cook time.
Translator Get Francis Mug
Matcha Syrup
* 1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 15 ml, 1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml
* The ingredients contain Amazon affiliate links.


  1. We will be shaving a block of ice with this blunt knife making Kakigori. This method is not recommended for young children. If you are not sure about your knife skills, do not try this method and please use a shaved ice maker.
  2. First, let’s make the syrup. Combine the sugar and matcha green tea powder. And stir to mix. Then, pour in the hot water and dissolve the sugar completely.
  3. Let it sit to cool and then chill the syrup in the fridge.
  4. Remove the ice from the freezer and let it sit for about 10 minutes to help shave off the ice more easily. Shaving a large block of ice is easier than small one so use a deep freezable container to make the ice.
  5. Wear a kitchen glove to hold the ice firmly and shave it with a knife. Avoid using an expensive knife since the blade might be damaged. And never use a ceramic knife for this purpose otherwise it will snap.
  6. Gradually rotate the ice so that you can easily shave off the ice. Be careful not to cut yourself.
  7. Now, turn the ice over. Then, continue shaving.
  8. Alright, Chef is getting tired so let’s make the Uji Milk Kintoki.
  9. Chill a bowl beforehand and place the sweet azuki bean paste in it.
  10. Cover it with some shaved ice. Then, pour over the matcha syrup.
  11. Arrange the shaved ice as tall as you can.
  12. Pour the syrup over again.
  13. Drizzle on the sweetened condensed milk.
  14. Finally, add more sweet bean paste.

Recipe Notes

Uji is associated with a high-grade tea brand Uji-tea in Kyoto and Kintoki is another name for anko, sweet bean paste.
If you are interested in making sweet bean paste, please check out our ogura butter sandwich video.
You can also serve the uji milk kintoki in cups and store them in the freezer so you can enjoy the dessert anytime you want!

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