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Homemade Chikuwa Recipe (Roasted Tube-Shaped Fish Surimi with Sea Bream and Pacific Cod)

We are making roasted Chikuwa, a tube-shaped fish cake, using sea bream and pacific cod. The fresh Chikuwa really captures…

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Karei no Nitsuke Recipe (Tender and Delicious Flatfish Simmered in Broth)

We are making an all-time favorite, Karei no Nitsuke, a simmered fish recipe. In this cooking method, you can also…

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Tai Chazuke Recipe (Green Tea Poured over Marinated Sea Bream and Rice)

We are making Tai Chazuke, marinated red seabream rice bowl with hot green tea. The aroma and rich taste of…

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Salmon Chan Chan Yaki Recipe (Fish and Vegetables Teppanyaki with Miso Sauce in Hokkaido)

We are making quick and easy Chan Chan Yaki, a local teppanyaki dish in Hokkaido using an electric griddle. The…

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Aji Namero and Namero Chazuke Recipe (Minced Horse Mackerel Mixed with Seasonings)

We are making Namero and Namero Chazuke with fresh aji, sashimi-grade horse mackerel. The miso, long green onion and ginger…

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Shiso Wrapped Sardines Recipe (Deep-Fried Sardines Marinated with Umeboshi and Mayo)

We are making Fried Shiso Wrapped Sardines with umeboshi, Japanese pickled plum. The umeboshi, pickled plum and shiso leaves add…

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Aji Sashimi Recipe (How to Clean and Fillet Japanese Horse Mackerel)

We are making delicious Aji Sashimi, fresh sliced horse mackerel. Train your eyes to pick out the freshest aji and…

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Katsuo Tataki Recipe (Seasoned Seared Skipjack Tuna) Bonito Tataki

We are making Katsuo Tataki using sashimi-grade skipjack tuna and lots of aromatic vegetables. This is a local dish in…

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Tai Kobujime Recipe (Red Sea Bream Cured with Kombu Seaweed | Local Specialty Dish in Toyama Prefecture)

With fabulous kombu seaweed, we are making Red Seabream Kobujime, a local dish in the Toyama Prefecture. The ingredients will…

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Tai Kombu-mushi Recipe (Steamed Sea Bream on Kombu Seaweed)

We are steaming a piece of red sea bream also known as Tai on kombu seaweed. The sea bream is…