Cooking with Dog is a YouTube cooking show featured by a canine host Francis and a mysterious Japanese Chef whose real name is not disclosed. Enjoy Chef’s authentic Japanese cooking skills and Francis’ exotic Japanese accent!

Nabe (Hot Pot) and Soup Recipes

Kakitama-jiru Recipe (Thick Egg-Drop Soup with Savory Dashi Stock)
Tonjiru with NO Added Oil Recipe (Savory and Nutritious Pork Miso Soup / Butajiru)
Ishikari Nabe Recipe (Salmon and Miso Hot Pot in Hokkaido)
Buri Shabu-Shabu and Homemade Ponzu Sauce Recipe (Fresh Yellowtail Hot Pot with Mochi and Vegetables)
Torisuki Recipe (Chicken Sukiyaki)
Yukinabe Recipe (Grated Daikon Radish and Sliced Pork Hot Pot that is Very Easy on Your Stomach)

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