Cooking with Dog is a YouTube cooking show featured by a canine host Francis and a mysterious Japanese Chef whose real name is not disclosed. Enjoy Chef’s authentic Japanese cooking skills and Francis’ exotic Japanese accent!

Christmas Recipes

Cabbage Rolls Recipe (Tender Cabbage Stuffed with Juicy Ground Meat Filling)
Christmas Crepes Recipe (Strawberry and Banana Crêpes with Ice Cream)
Persimmon wrapped in Dry-Cured Ham Appetizer Recipe (Hors d'Oeuvre)
Cream Stew Recipe (White Chicken Stew with Mushrooms and Root Vegetables)
Easy Potato Salad Recipe (Creamy Potato Salad with Egg and Mayonnaise)
Seafood and Chicken Paella Recipe with Japanese Rice
Christmas Cake Recipe (Strawberry Sponge Cake)
Christmas Tiramisu Recipe
Scotch Eggs Recipe (Japanese-inspired)
Coconut Macaroons Recipe (Crispy Christmas Cookies with Coconut | Easy Biscuits)
Fruit Sandwiches Recipe
Bavarian Cream Recipe (Christmas Wreath Shaped Gelatin Dessert)

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