More than 280 recipe videos were created for almost 10 years and now our delicious recipes are available with serving size adjustment, unit conversion and step by step instructional photos. Enjoy Chef’s authentic Japanese cooking skills and Francis’ exotic Japanese accent!

Miso Pork Stir-Fry with Eggplants and Bell Peppers
Matcha Panna Cotta Recipe (Green Tea Dessert)
Valentine's Nama Chocolate (Ganache Recipe)
Banana Bread Recipe
Milk Gelato Recipe (Homemade Italian Ice Cream Using Lots of Fresh Milk)
Somen Chanpuru (Vegetable and Noodle Stir-Fry Recipe)
Tofu Steak with Mushroom Sauce Recipe
Pressed Sushi with Seared Marinated Mackerel (Shime Saba Oshizushi Recipe)
Tofu Rare Cheesecake (No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe)
Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Tofu Recipe)
Steak with Garlic Sauce Recipe
Basic Tart Crust Recipe
Hiyashi Tantanmen Recipe (Cold Dandan Noodles/Tantan Ramen)
Crab Lettuce Chahan Recipe (Japanese Fried Rice)
The Best Curry Udon Noodles Recipe with Dashi Broth
Frozen Yogurt and Azuki Milk Popsicles Recipe
Gyukatsu (Deep-Fried Wagyu Beef Cutlets) Recipe with 2 Types of Dipping Sauce
Ratatouille and Toasted Breakfast Ratatouille Recipe
Torisuki Recipe (Chicken Sukiyaki)
Menchi-katsu Recipe (Deep-Fried Breaded Ground Meat)
The Ultimate Melon Kakigori (Shaved Ice Recipe)
Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe (Japanese-inspired Pasta)
Hamburg Steak Recipe
Pork Kakuni Recipe (Healthy and Delicious Braised Pork with Less Fat)
Madeleines Recipe (Small French Cake)
Matcha Mushipan Recipe (Steamed Green Tea Cake)
No-Cook Green Tea Ice Cream (Matcha Ice Cream Recipe)
Black Sesame Pudding Recipe
Beef Steak Donburi (Steak Rice Bowl Recipe)
Inarizushi (Fried Tofu Pouches Filled with Sushi Rice Recipe)
Ochazuke Recipe (Salmon Ikura Chazuke and Umeboshi Shirasu Takana Chazuke)
Yaki Gyoza (Fried Dumplings Recipe)
Bang Bang Chicken (Bang Bang Ji Recipe)
Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Recipe (Dessert)
Matcha Creme Brulee Recipe (Green Tea Dessert)
Ebi Chili (Stir-Fried Prawns in Chili Sauce Recipe)
Coffee Jelly Recipe (Coffee Jello Dessert)
Chicken Soboro Onigirazu Recipe (Onigiri with Tori Soboro and Iri Tamago)
Mentaiko Spaghetti Recipe (Japanese Pasta with Spicy Marinated Pollock Roe)
Pork Steak Shogayaki Recipe
Chuka Okowa (Chinese-style Mixed Rice with Pork and Chestnuts Recipe)
Apple Tart with Almond Cream Recipe
Takoyaki and Ebiyaki Recipe
Kuzukiri and Kuromitsu Syrup Recipe
Ebi Fry Recipe (Deep Fried Breaded Prawns)
Saba Misoni (Mackerel Simmered in Miso Recipe)
Dorayaki Recipe (Pancakes with Red Bean Paste)
Salmon Yakizuke Recipe
Smooth and Rich Custard Pudding Recipe
Kitsune Udon Noodles Recipe
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