Cooking with Dog has been making about 290 recipe videos for over 10 years and now our delicious recipes are available with serving size adjustment, unit conversion and step by step instructional photos. Enjoy Chef’s authentic Japanese cooking skills and Francis’ exotic Japanese accent.

Beef (14)
Beverage (5)
Chicken (9)
Dessert (63)
Egg (3)
Fish (10)
Hot Pot (9)
Main Dish (112)
Meat (34)
Noodles (23)
Pork (11)
Rice (16)
Rice Bowl (7)
Salad (4)
Seafood (5)
Side Dish (21)
Snack (4)
Soup (9)
Stir Fry (8)
Tofu (3)
Vegetable (4)

Easy Custard Pudding Recipe (Egg Pudding with Caramel Sauce)
Hiyashi Chuka Recipe (Cold Summer Noodles)
Unagi Hitsumabushi Recipe (3 Ways to Enjoy Grilled Eel Fillets) Unadon
Easy Fried Daikon Mochi Recipe (Chinese Turnip Cake)

Gyusuji Curry Recipe (Japanese Curry with Slow-Cooked Beef Tendons)
Tonjiru with NO Added Oil Recipe (Savory and Nutritious Pork Miso Soup / Butajiru)
Yakiniku Recipe (Japanese-style Barbecue with Homemade Sauce)
Torisuki Recipe (Chicken Sukiyaki)