Kitsune Udon Noodles Recipe

The broth of Kitsune is amazingly delicious! Kitsune refers to simmered, sweetened aburaage, thin deep-fried tofu. To make this, please watch our Inarizushi video.

Yakisoba Noodles Recipe

noodles are commonly served by vendor booths at festivals and also when people go out camping in Japan. This is a simple, delicious and healthy recipe and you can eat plenty of healthy vegetables.

Spicy Tebasaki Chicken Wings Recipe

Enjoy the freshly made, piping hot Tebasaki Chicken Wings! This spicy fried chicken is tantalizingly delicious. Once you taste this chicken you could get totally addicted!

Salmon Yakizuke Recipe

Let’s cook easily available frozen salmon to make Yakizuke, in which the main ingredient is grilled first and then marinated. This is a local dish in Niigata Prefecture and it was originally made at home to preserve fresh salmon which are caught in that area.

Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl Recipe)

This quick and easy delicious is a slightly different version of our previous Oyakodon. The soft and silky egg is very delicious. The egg yolk makes it even smoother.

Japanese-style Pancakes Recipe (Hotcakes)

Let’s make delicious plain with an ice cream topping! We also enjoy light fluffy pancakes which are popular in Japan now, but these pancakes are filling and can be served as a light meal.