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Sanma Takikomi Gohan Recipe (Mixed Rice with Grilled Pacific Saury and Mushrooms)

We are making Takikomi Gohan with sanma, pacific saury, in season. This is one of the autumn flavors that represent…

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Tai-meshi Recipe (Seasoned Rice Cooked with Red Sea Bream)

Is Tai, red sea bream available in your country? We are making Tai-meshi, mixed rice with delicious, seasonal tai fillet.…

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Teriyaki Beef Rice Burgers Recipe (Yakiniku and Lettuce Wrapped with Rice Buns)

We are making easy Rice Burgers with teriyaki sauce. The sweet and savory teriyaki goes great with both rice and…

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Ohagi Recipe (Japanese Autumn Dessert Pounded Rice Wrapped with Sweet Bean Paste | Botamochi)

We are making Japanese autumn dessert, Ohagi also known as Botamochi in spring. The pounded rice is still soft. Enjoy…

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Gohei Mochi Recipe (Rice Cake with Sweet Walnut Miso Paste)

We are making Gohei-mochi, a simple snack using rice and walnut miso paste. The sweet walnut miso paste is delicious…

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Takikomi Gohan with Chicken and Mushrooms Recipe (Easy Mixed Rice in Rice Cooker)

This is the season for new harvest rice so we’ll be making Takikomi Gohan with lots of mushrooms. The aroma…

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Taco Rice Recipe (Okinawan Taco Fillings Served on Rice)

We are making an Okinawan dish Taco Rice, taco fillings served on steamed rice. The vegetables seasoned with the salsa…

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Onigiri Recipe (Japanese Rice Balls with Delicious Fillings)

We are making various kinds of Onigiri. Enjoy onigiri with the various fillings, ume okaka, tuna mayo, hiroshimana, short ribs,…

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Kiritanpo Recipe (Pounded Rice Snack Used in Local Hot Pot in Akita Prefecture)

Kiritanpo, pounded rice formed into a cylindrical shape, is used in Kiritanpo Nabe, a local hot pot in Akita Prefecture.…

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Easy Chahan Recipe (Japanese-style Pork and Egg Fried Rice)

Enjoy the Japanese fried rice dish Chahan with Char Siu (Chinese barbecued pork), egg and lots of spring onion leaves.…