How to Translate Recipes

Please DO NOT just copy and paste all the results from machine translation services like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and DeepL.?

If you use a machine translation service, be sure to modify the results to make the sentences natural and accurate. Yoroshiku onegai shimasuasu.?

Login your account with your password

Click “Help translate recipes”

Click “Take and translate” button. If you want to translate a specific recipe that is not on the dashboard, send me a message.

If you decided NOT to translate the recipe, click the Resign link so that other translators can start translating it.

Use Translation Editor

Translate Title, Body and URL

Recipe ingredients

Recipe instructions

Recipe notes

Serving unit

Recipe title

Scroll the text to show all the ingredient descriptions and units

Save the translation when finished. It sometimes takes more than 15 seconds so please don’t close the editor. The page will automatically be refreshed.

Translated completed

Please give us some time to review and modify the content since some parts of the recipes can’t be edited on your side. Don’t press the Cancel or Resign button after completing your work. The translated recipe will be published soon.⏳ Thank you so much for your work!??‍??

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Help! My “Start Translation” button is currently not working.

Cooking with Dog

I send a private message to your account.😊 Thank you for reporting the issue.🙇

Huy Do

I can’t translate

Cooking with Dog

The translation editor is ready now.😊 Sorry for the late response🙇