[CLOSED] Giveaway Francis T-shirts to Celebrate our 10th Anniversary

The 5 lucky winners are …

  • Kaye Ann (United States)
  • María Abellán (Spain)
  • NecoChama (Germany)
  • Brown Apple Fossoway (Italy)
  • Laura (Netherlands)

Thank you so much for your entries!

18 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Giveaway Francis T-shirts to Celebrate our 10th Anniversary”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Cooking With Dog has reached it’s 10th birthday! I really enjoy the show so much! When I grow up and can cook, I’ll be sure to try out Francis and Chef’s yummy recipes 🙂

    Rest in peace, Francis.
    We really miss you! And we will always love you!

    I hope all of you/the crew behind Cooking With Dog is fine too 🙂 the channel would not live without your hardworks, and I’m sure Francis is happy that all of us had finally found the strength to keep moving forward!

    Thank you for everything!

    I wish you all the best! <3<3<3

  2. I have been enjoying your videos. I recently began cooking Japanese food. You channel has been a stupendous help. Keep up the good work.

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