Chocolate Nut Bars Recipe (Irresistible Sweet for Valentine’s Day)

We are making Chocolate Nut Bars with lots of walnuts, raisins and candied orange peel for Valentine’s day. The aroma of the rum and the orange peel go great with the rich chocolate. This recipe is very easy and delicious.

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Chocolate Nut Bars
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Course Dessert
pieces (5x2x1cm/2"x0.8"x0.4")
Course Dessert
pieces (5x2x1cm/2"x0.8"x0.4")
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  • 100g Sweet Chocolatechopped
  • 30g Roasted Walnutscut into 5mm/0.2” pieces
  • 30g Rum-Soaked Raisinsor regular raisins
  • 30g Candied Orange Peelcut into 5mm/0.2” pieces
  • 25g Corn Flakesor granola, unsweetened
  • Twisting Wax Paper
  1. First, chop the roasted walnuts into smaller pieces. Alternatively, almonds, macadamias or peanuts can be used.
  2. Next, roughly crush the corn flakes into fine pieces. You can also use granola instead.
  3. Now, place a bowl of chopped sweet chocolate over a pot of hot water. Heat the pot to just below the boiling point and maintain the lowest possible heat.
  4. The hot steam will heat the bowl and gradually melt the chocolate. After about 5 minutes, it is ready.
  5. Remove the bowl. Add the walnuts, rum raisins, chopped candied orange peel and the corn flakes.
  6. Quickly combine all the ingredients before the chocolate begins to harden.
  7. The success of this recipe depends on the quality of chocolate so make sure to use a good one.
  8. Now, place the mixture onto a tray covered with wax paper. Gently press it with a spatula to flatten.
  9. Finally, with the tip of a knife, even out the surface. Store the chocolate in the fridge for about 2 hours.
  10. Now, the chocolate has firmed up. Cut the sheet of chocolate into 8 long rectangular pieces.
  11. Then, cut 4 of them in half, making shorter pieces.
  12. Now, wrap each piece with the twisting wax paper. This looks so cute and delicious!
  13. If somebody had given me this chocolate on Valentine's day, I would have been jumping around all day.
Recipe Notes
  • The cute wrapper will keep your hands clean and help you enjoy the delicious sweet.
  • The walnuts and corn flakes give the chocolate a crunchy texture and the rum raisins and orange peel will add an excellent flavor.
  • If you prefer a softer texture, add a small amount of heavy cream when you melt the chocolate.

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