Chocolate Rum Raisin Walnut Valentines Recipe

We are making chocolate fit for adults using lots of rum-soaked raisins and roasted walnuts. My favorite fillings make these chocolates so delicious. This is easy to make so you should try it out.

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Chocolate Rum Raisin Walnut Valentines
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Course Dessert
Course Dessert
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  • 40g Couverture Chocolateabout 65% cocoa content, substitute: a regular chocolate bar
  • 80g Castellaor regular sponge cake
  • 1tsp Cocoa Powder
  • 20g Rum-Soaked Raisinssubstitute: regular raisins or candied orange peel
  • 20g Roasted Walnutsunsalted
  • 1tbsp Heavy Cream
  • 1/2tbsp Rumoptional
  1. First, add your favorite type of cream to the shredded dark couverture or regular chocolate bar.
  2. Melt the chocolate using steam. The chocolate will gradually melt in the bowl heated with steam.
  3. When the chocolate is almost melted, tear the castella or regular sponge cake into pieces and place them in a food processor.
  4. Shred the castella into fine pieces. You can also shred it with a knife or tear it into fine pieces.
  5. Next, chop the rum-soaked raisins into fine pieces.
  6. Likewise, chop the unsalted roasted walnuts into fine pieces.
  7. When the chocolate is completely melted, remove the bowl from the steam. Then, gently mix the chocolate.
  8. Now, add the castella, cocoa powder, rum and the raisins and walnuts.
  9. Combine the mixture evenly.
  10. Now, divide the chocolate mixture into 10 pieces. Using a scale will help to keep the size consistent. One piece should be about 17g (0.6 oz).
  11. And now, with the cookie cutter, shape 3 pieces into heart-shaped chocolates.
  12. Then, shape the rest of the pieces into balls. Thoroughly chill the chocolate in the freezer or fridge.
  13. And now, let’s coat the chocolates. Place the cocoa powder into a plastic bag. Coat the heart-shaped chocolate with the powder evenly in the bag. Place it onto a plate covered with colorful sprinkles.
  14. Likewise, coat each piece with the matcha and coconut powder.
  15. Now, they are ready to serve.
How to make Rum-Soaked Raisins
  1. Rinse the raisins with hot water and remove the water thoroughly. Place them in a clean jar, pour in the rum until it almost covers the raisins and let them soak for about 1 week.
Recipe Notes
  • The rounded pieces can be also coated with the cocoa, matcha or coconut powder and stored in a truffle box, making them suitable for a present.
  • If the cocoa or matcha powder is darkened with moisture, please coat it again.

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