Vegetable Gyudon Recipe (Beef Bowl with Vegetables and Mushroom)

We are making filling Gyudon with lots of vegetables. The meat is so tender and the vegetables and shirataki have absorbed the savory beef broth. Delicious!

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Vegetable Gyudon (Beef Rice Bowl)
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Cuisine Japanese
Cuisine Japanese
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Beef and Vegetables
  • 160g Beef Slices
  • 100g Onions
  • 100g Shirataki Noodles
  • 30g Carrots
  • 50g King Oyster Mushroomssubstitute: shimeji, shiitake or enokitake
  • 3pieces Okra
  • 150ml Dashi Stocksubstitute: 1/4 tsp dashi stock powder, dissolved
  • 2tbsp Soy Sauce
  • 2tbsp Sugar
  • 1tbsp Sake
  • 1tbsp Mirin
  • 10g Ginger Rootshredded
Other Ingredients
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  1. Lightly boil the shirataki and okra separately from each other beforehand.
  2. First, cut the long shirataki noodles into shorter lengths.
  3. Trim off the firm skin around the cap and cut the okra into bite-size pieces.
  4. Next, remove the root end of the onion. Detach the layers and slice them along the grain. Slice the center part as well.
  5. As for the carrot, slice it into 5 cm (2") slices.
  6. The king oyster mushroom will shrink when cooked so cut it into 8 cm (3.1") slices. You can also use shimeji, shiitake or enokitake instead.
  7. Now, let’s make the vegetable gyudon. In a pot, combine the dashi stock, sugar, soy sauce, sake and mirin.
  8. Add the shredded ginger root and turn on the burner. Lightly stir the broth.
  9. Add the shirataki noodles, onion, king oyster mushroom and carrot.
  10. Let the ingredients submerge in the broth and cook until the carrot softens. You can also use a long green onion sliced diagonally instead of the regular onion.
  11. Now, loosen up the beef slices and place them into the broth.
  12. Then, remove the foam.
  13. When all of the redness in the meat has just disappeared, add the okra to warm it up and then turn off the burner. Now, it is ready.
  14. Place the fresh steamed rice in a bowl and add the shirataki, onion, mushroom, carrot and okra.
  15. Cover the rest of the rice with a generous amount of the beef slices. Ladle a small amount of the broth over the beef.
  16. Finally, garnish with the beni shoga, pickled ginger.
Recipe Notes
  • A tip to making the beef tender is to avoid overcooking. When the red meat has just turned brown, the beef will be tender and delicious.
  • If the shirataki noodles are not available, leave them out and slightly increase the amount of other vegetables.
  • If you’re worried about the amount of fat, you can lightly parboil the beef to reduce the excess fat and any unwanted flavor. Make sure to also check out our previous gyudon recipe.

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